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I'm on a mission to help parentified daughters make the impact they desire without struggle and without feeling alone.    

Because the single most important thing you can do to impact the world is to live the FULLEST version of yourself.


Hello, I'm Erin. And I'm here to share how I went from high-alert, overworked, revved up & misunderstood to articulate, intentional, calm & at peace.  


Somewhere in between being alone in my childhood and sitting here writing to you today, I had been taken down by life altering rock bottoms that brought my life to a screeching halt several times.


Even though we always get back up, these are the experiences that inevitably force us to look deeply at what got us to this point of crisis and chaos.

It was five years ago as I write this that I found myself undergoing 5 major surgeries to save my life...over a 3 week span.


Despite previous rock bottoms, it wasn't until THIS that I finally called off the search of everything that was wrong with me and stopped trying to fix everything that was broken inside and surrendered to what was happening.


Something about "seeing the light", makes you actually see your light. 


How?  It didn't happen overnight, but I was able to find real safety, in my body and in the present moment, and slowly but surely true self-trust appeared and uncertainty was no longer a minefield. 


This is where I discovered true empowerment.  


Let's back up a second...


As parentified daughters, the aloneness of our childhood naturally leads us into aloneness when we break free from our roles.  


Then somewhere down the path of adulting we can be forced to face that aloneness again when life's experiences side-line us with ending marriages, single parenthood, destroyed businesses, toxic relationships, health crises...or all of the above.


This fork in the road is when we face the effects of our previous roles head on like no other time in our journey so far.


After the cheerleaders and spectators have long gone home.  


When the decisions you made in your struggle or in survival that built the life and relationships that surround you now feel like being brought back to square one.  


And the fallout from moving forward feels impossible to handle.    


At almost the same time we hit our bottom limits, we may hit our limits.  


I'm speaking to what they sometimes refer to it as our upper limit.


This invisible space that doesn't allow us to go any higher or further than we think we can go.


Add in the effects of our childhood experience as a parentified daughter and that space that holds our upper limits is even more daunting and trauma filled.  


Now let's catch back up...


Today, that's the space where we want to be making our impact, but we tend to only get so far...and hit those upper limits.

I had lived in various states of internal chaos my entire life. I lived life in between survival and upper limits.  Can you relate?


Going through life like this can leave us feeling isolated and misunderstood all over again, continuously. 


It can be a painful and grueling experience. 


But still it doesn't change the sense of urgency we feel for this level expansion, full self-accountability and self-leadership.

When I became faced with life and death, everything that brought me to that point HIT HARD.  


This was a HUGE experience in expansion for me.  

I couldn't find a roadmap or true support of anyone that actually carved out the path forward when I needed it.  

So, I created one.  

Now, I'm here to shine light on the possibility that it doesn't have to be the way they tell us it needs to be.

That we don't have to live life overthinking and overanalyzing it all.

That what they tell us about our "limited" this or that or our "blocks" is smoke in mirrors and simply not the truth.  


(Though all of it may have helped at one time, eventually it just didn't work and it was clear that what we needed was less "fixing" and more connecting.)

We can trade in our language of resistance and/or toxic positivity for language of empowerment.

We can discover ourselves and emerge the deeply nourished, radically aligned, authentic impact creators we are here to be with:

  • High-Level Mentorship

  • Step-by-Step Approach

  • Coming Together in Community

  • And we can have a damn good time doing it!  


This approach brought me from chaos to peace.


Now I can connect and make the impact I always wanted to make in my relationships, in my contributions and with myself...with clarity and consistency...and without struggle, isolation and doubt.   

Join me!