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Reading Corner

Helping fellow parentified adults, self-leaders & creators
make authentic impact with ease
by transforming the way
we connect with ourselves
& our mission

Together, we will learn to:

 + FALL IN LOVE with our nervous system

 + PARTNER up with our True Self

 + HONOR the energy charges of our nervous system as the gifts they are

 + Articulately EXPRESS ourselves in our fullness from an unattached & aligned place


And here are the tools:

  • Radical transparency: Simplify communication 

  • Proprietary Layered Approach: a path you can feel safe following that is backed by science and spiritually guided; rooted in core human needs, biology, energy and spirit

  • High-Level Mentorship: if you haven't walked this path ahead & fully experienced the depth of what is being taught, it's difficult to offer mentorship in this capacity//I stand in congruency & integrity with what I teach

  • Building Relationship in Community: opportunity for deeper connection with others on the same path at the same time extinguishes feeling isolated during this experience and is an overflow of abundance

  • After establishing safety in our nervous system, we get beneath the roots and into the soil with the freedom to get real

  • Everything else you already have in you...bring it

Hi, I'm Erin.
And I teach self-leaders
how to celebrate their
miracle selves as the fierce,
heart-centered creators they are.


Our layer by layer proprietary approach...

Trust that you already have everything you need 

Turn down the volume...and listen

01 -


Fall in Love with your Nervous System

Our nervous system's function is to keep us alive. It is not in charge of assessing if a threat is viable or not, its job is simply to keep us alive, at all costs. How lucky are we to have our NS have our backs!  But, it can get complicated...

We untangle this in simple and easy to apply ways of understanding.

03 -


'the Charge'

What is the charge and why does it happen? It's the signal of a threat to our survival and/or our basic needs. It is ENERGY in MOTION. It's on our side and learning how to befriend the sensations of the charge will help prevent the chemical storm that occurs when it triggers our nervous system to protect us from threats. We will learn how and why these charges show up and how to nurture them without getting attached to them. 

02 -


Partner up with your True Self

As humans, we have basic needs we need met to secure a sense of safety we need in order to thrive. The basic needs we explore are:

 + Connection

 + Contribution

 + Unconditional Love(able)

We express our basic needs through our values.

We'll take an in-depth look into how we get these needs met and how we protect them. 


04 -


A to the power of 7

A7, for short.

We will take the first 3 steps and integrate them together with the following: 

+ Awareness

+ Acceptance

+ Acknowledgement

+ Allowing

+ Arrival

+ Alignment

+ Articulation

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