I am that soft-sided, slightly un-done, kinda-edgy, single mom you just witnessed car dancing and belting out lyrics with the volume turned way UP      I teach brave, smart, FUN, messy self-leaders how to celebrate their badass miracle selves as the fierce creators they ARE.

Around here...we take that pent up raging magic OUT of the front seat of your car karaoke performances and swim in the deep end of it, all the live-long day!  


Around here...we are all about deep LOVE. See, we know you can be BOTH a fire spitting badass AND a soft, heart-centered, well-nourished nurturer, leader and creator.    

Around here...we turn sh*t upside down and emerge deeply nourished impact makers with creative power for daaayyyzzzz!

And around here...we celebrate being fragile like a flower AND like a bomb! 'They' want us to choose one way or the other so they can be comfortable. But we want you to be all of you. I mean, you have already paid your admission in FULL

Just know...there are NO blah, blah, blah 'limiting beliefs' here! We encourage you to see all of that well-meaning mumbo jumbo as the conversation it is, nothing more. That's symptom level. And you're feeling edgier than that now.    


We get out of bed every day to end the self-analyzing and self-negotiating with everything that makes you, YOU. Unless you like that stuckness, then by all means...you BE you!*


We know from experience that you can't possibly intellectualize your way to clarity when the roots of your symptoms exist in your body.  And we want to help you be ready and available for the fullness of life both NOW and when pivots happen.


*I say this with a compassionate full heart as a trauma impacted/informed loving human who lived there for decades. I get it! I lived it. I got you!       

What's the gist?


PARTNER UP with your core self. Where the stardust lives in you. Not where you are DO-ing, where you are BE-ing.

FALL IN                     with your nervous system. ALLLL the way in! The mechanics of it and where, how and why we trip...and then how we get back UP and use it as our superpower. 

E X P R E S S  yourself...you gotta be you and only you, Babe! Embody that creative power! Put your whole-ass into it! Accept it! Authenticate it! Allow it! ARRIVE from it!