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What's my deal?
Here it is.

One day I realized it straight up pisses me off how complicated, sad and boring it's being made out to be to regulate our nervous system so we can 'live our best lives'.


We get it, we're dysregulated and chronically disconnected.


Message received.


Maybe it's because we've been through some truly shitty stuff. We know life is fragile and precious, challenging and painful.


AND it's totally badass!


Let's unappologetically show off our gifts and talents and create cool stuff and make some massive impact!  


Let's NOT stay stuck on some plateau babysitting life and overcomplicating it all while drinking matcha! (I kid, I love my matcha!)

The key is to learn how to regulate ourself, connect to ourself, and then be able to do both in our relationship to everything we do and everything that's important to us. And no one's really taught us how to do that. 


So, I decided -

1. I refuse to sit and watch creative change makers and cycle breakers go through the torture of digging up  E-V-E-R-Y f*ing little aspect of themselves in order to create the lives we want to live. We're creators, not excavators. We can BE move creative about this!

2. I call bull$sh!t on the decisions we've made along the way in order to survive and demand we take personal responsibility to jump in and have fun actually LIVING!


3. I want to help people on the plateau of mindset work, overcoming blocks, analyzing limitations, blah-blah-blah-blah-blah...take a daring leap off the plateau and play in the soil. 

*Think soil vs roots. ;)

I'm telling you, it doesn't have to be so gut wrenching. It's so much simpler than we make it. Don't wait to get sidelined with a major, life altering health situation to figure it out like I did! 

I wake up every morning and appreciate the fact that I have breath in my lungs, the ability to put my two feet on the floor and rise up, and a pounding heart in my chest with the burning desire to disrupt that status quo and teach brave, smart, FUN, messy self-leaders how to celebrate their badass miracle selves as the fierce creators they are.  

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