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If you're wanting to feel more at peace and be in alignment with the contribution you make in the world, you're in the right place. WELCOME!

I'm Erin and I teach impact makers - creatives, leaders entrepreneurs, educators - how to bring in harmony and alignment to your mental space, your energy, the tolerance and capacity of your nervous system, and to the spirit of what motivates your contribution to the world.

For those of us driven by being of service and think of our individual impact as a vehicle to how we contribute our gifts, skills, talents and compassion to those we serve. Like cause and effect, we are aware our impact can create balance or imbalance in the ways we contribute.

Yet, this is an area impact makers often overlook largely because we get excited and driven by the mission we're on and go all in!! Or, we're putting our fires. Or, we simply don't have the time, energy or know how. We figure we will piece together as we go, one fire at a time. 


But then we find that as we evolve, something feels off.  Decision making may feel dicier, purpose might feel cloudy, the path might have changed directions somewhere and it just isn't aligning anymore, or the systems we operate in may not be as supportive as we need in order to feel fulfilled and successful in our vision. 


We may start to feel like we need to make some changes and are unsure where to begin or what changes to focus on.

+ Should I stay, or should I go?

+ Should I rebrand?

+ Should I cancel everything I've done so far and make a fresh start with a completely different passion?

+ Should I stay put and find a way to make it work?


I've spent years of my life feeling straight up on the verge in the midst of these shifts.

Mindset work, personal development and self-care alone just wasn't hitting itand I was forever seeking answers. And in these times I was needing something to change soon. 

I have lived with gratitude and appreciation AND with this knowing in my bones I was here to contribute MORE, that something was in the way that I just couldn't reach, and felt stuck in total burnout as it was already. Once you get that deep knowing, you can't go back, you can't undo it. Can you relate?


THAT seems to get amplified during these shifts. You feel hyper aware that something is off, OR you know exactly what is going on and you just don't know how to handle it.

I didn't know if my life needed a kick in the ass pivot, a new perspective or a total reset. But that feeling of something feeling "off" has been with me most of my life. Eventually I was becoming less and less available for myself, what I'd worked so hard for all my life, and what I care about most. Dominoes kept falling, one loss at a time.


Then, as predictable as ever, I was diagnosed with a rare bone tumor in my spine that sidelined me for several years.


That was when I began working with the roots of trauma, the core being of who we are, and how we work with and make sense of all this energy stored inside and coming at us. Add this chapter of my life's work to the previous 4 decades of working through adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) with any body of work I could get my hands on.


This work changed the trajectory of my life -- for those of us who have been living under chronic stress and in survival, whether we are aware of it or not, it can change yours, too.

Wherever you are on this continuum, you know you have some big, meaningful decisions to make that are going to lead to some new levels of transition for

you -- and you could use some back up. 

I'm a middle school teacher, facilitator, advocate, "retired" paralegal, entrepreneur, volunteer, survivor, and a divorced single mom of two teens. That basically tells you very little about me. I've seen and been through a lot.


What I teach isn't just about how to harmonize these parts of ourselves (spirit, physical, energetic, mental), but also how to integrate what you're learning into all aspects of your life. Bringing harmony and alignment to you first, and then to your relationships, your foundations and your body(ies) of work -- turning the noise, disconnection and even chaos into living in full intention...the effects of which are life changing and priceless.


I would love for you to join me.

I believe we are more than the sum of our parts. We house physical, energetic, spiritual and mental bodies with a plethora of nuance.

My mission is to help you integrate the whole of who you are not only so you can make more impact doing what you love, but for the sake of living in our fluency and intention.



There's nothing that lights me up more than witnessing people going for it. Believing in themselves enough to muster the courage to go beyond the walls in front of them.


I'm not talking about just BIG, bold moves. I'm talking about the tiny moments that no one really sees that make up the BIG moves.


I adore tiny moments! I believe they are the openings to your creative space. 

As a teacher, I tear up at the end of the school year. I feel it deeply. No matter how big or small, we impact each other and that impact gets stored as energy in our systems. We are together forever in that way. No matter how subtle.

As a solo parent, it's an ongoing wave of joy and curiosity and all of the emotions....and fears and hope that I'm doing ok by them. 

I get emotionally connected to the things I create. A candle, for instance. Who purchased it? Where did they purchase it? A boutique? A market? The old storefront? What drew them to that candle? The scent or the story? The design? Or just for the hell of it.


However it made its way from my hands to theirs, there's a piece of my heart, my goals, my ambition, my creative process, my story...all sitting in that little container. And something about it made that person happy or content, ignited a memory, or soothed their sore heart.    

It doesn't stop there. I create stories of people in the grocery store, at the park, at farmer's markets...everywhere I go. NOT in a super creepy way. In an observant and curious way. 

I tear up at airports. The arrivals and departures of people seeing each other again for the first time in who knows how long. Are they visiting for something fun? Or something difficult in life they have to face. Are they arriving home again? Or someplace they have never been. Are they saying goodbye for a short time? Or indefinitely. 

How many tiny moments had to happen for that person to be in the same place as me at the same time? And what brought them there? Something good? 


We can so easily take for granted that the stranger in the coffee shop planted on their laptop like you for the day is just going through the process of their day. There's some sort of "to do" list getting done.


But what if they are actually about to hit the biggest milestone of their lives so far right there in front of you. That when they hit "send" or "publish", the trajectory of their life is going to dramastically change. (Yes, I know, that's not a word...but it's been in my vocab for decades and I like it.)

My father was one of those that shared the idea with me about how the shoes of the passengers on the subway tell a story. EVEN if it's not the story you expected. Those shoes tell you a lot about a person's life AND nothing at all. Don't assume anything, but be curious, is what the message here is.


My father and I have a complicated relationship, but these poetic experiences walking the streets of Boston (where he worked and I grew up) or New York (where he grew up), riding those subways, visiting parks, listening to his albums, summers on Long Island...there was so much depth in being around him, and admittedly so much frustration below the surface for me. Again, it's complicated. (And maybe not as below the surface as I thought.)

I didn't understand why with all his intelligence and depth, he chose what I judged as a low impact way of life. I was so judgy. I didn't mean to be. I just thought he struggled because he was holding himself back from...himself. And it made me feel like I've been missing out on really getting to know him. 

And then I realized, I've been doing the same thing. Our reactions to our lives may be different..but I came to understand it's like two sides to the same coin. Hmm. 

And I realized, a lot of people were doing the same thing. And it wasn't in big, bold was in the tiny moments -- what we might overlook for mostly mundane moments are actually the gateways to reconnecting to our most creative selves and soul of who we are.

You know how it goes, you just keep on keepin' on. Until something breaks, or breaks through. For me, it was both, at the same time. Go big or go home I guess! 

When my spine tumor shattered my vertebrae, it was a full year process before recovery could even begin. But in truth, my world stopped the moment the fracture got diagnosed as a tumor. It was a life threatening process at times and it has been a slow process of rebuilding my life with ongoing complications ever since.

There is beauty in the pain of grief. There is wisdom in the surrender and the letting go. No layer of who I was was spared. A complete destruction and rebuild. The process was scary and lonely, and it never truly just learn to live alongside it. 

I love and miss the "old" me and what my body could do then that it can't do now. I love and appreciate the "new" me. I don't even think I can put that appreciation into words. 

I love and miss opportunities lost, relationships that ended, places I belonged. I love and appreciate new opportunities I would never have known, reborn and new relationships that reflect more of who I am in this chapter of my life, and I am at peace with where I belong. 



Because you've got to stop digging. I spent decades digging up everything wrong with me. I would examine where a particular trait or behavior came from and why. That's a lifelong process in and of itself.

Then I would cross examine myself to find out why I continued these patterns, what "crimes" I committed while stuck in these patterns, and what I needed to do to stop them.

I was a fixer, but I longed to be free to be a creator. I had deep memories of what it felt like to be a creator, but I couldn't dig deep enough to bring it to the surface no matter how desperate I tried.  

I can give you a long list of things I have no talent in and no gift for, but despite that I always had a sense of knowing I had something. And I wanted to use that "something" to help others realize THEIR gifts and talents and bring them out into the world and create the impact they're here to make.


In a world that surrounds us with "stuff" (internal and external) that sets us up to fail, I wanted to help people feel a sense of freedom to create.

You can't get there if you're committed only to excavating.

When I was in first grade my teacher asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up. I told her I wanted to be a teacher. (She actually told me to change my mind because teachers die young and beat up! True story!)


But underneath that I also wanted to be an artist, I just didn't think I had that gift. I had an amazing art teacher in kindergarten that taught me how to express the things I was burying, probably like an art therapist would now. 


I thought I was the luckiest little girl in the world when she then became my second grade teacher. It was in her care that I learned that no matter what was going on in my environment, I could find ways to express myself and create space in me where I could feel freedom.  


I held on to that space for all these years and despite many attempts and utter failures, I'm finally enjoying the integration of that space with the core of who I am. 

I'm just a few steps from where you are, but I can teach you how to enjoy this space as well.

From this space, we REST. From this space, we CREATE. From this space, we IMPACT.


I'm all about teaching that when our nervous system (physical), unique blueprint (spirit & physical), energy systems and dissolved resistance (mental) come together in fluency and alignment, it is the direct portal to creating impact from a true authentically creative space. Whether you feel a sense of stuckness in the impact you're wanting to create, or you desire to live a more harmonious life in and of itself, I'm here for all of it. It is NOT rainbows and unicorns, but you can put your shovels down and just BE.

Here's what it feels like...

  • Freedom and expressing yourself fully from there

  • Peace and deep connection to the core of who you are

  • Patience in the process and personal evolution that gets ignited

  • Capacity to make big, meaningful decisions with ease

  • Excitement in taking healthy risks. Feeling expanded and taking up more space. Feeling BIGGER.

  • Love, acceptance, belonging, freedom 

  • Abundance, clarity, and intention behind your purpose and impact

  • RELIEF that after everything else didn't quite reach, or chasing one fix after another, it all finally comes together and you connect in a way that feels like coming home

What it looks like in real life...

  • Leading your team to the levels you always envisioned but were just beyond reach

  • Being fully present with yourself and what's important to you

  • Healing relationship wounds with your significant other

  • Being the parent you want to be for your kids

  • Finish writing that book...and then publish it!

  • Rebranding your business to reflect the clarity of who you are, your clear values, your brand's mission and delivering to your clients and customers in such significant ways that you create lifelong relationships

  • Cleaning up dusty old health issues

  • REST

  • Living in legacy

  • Clearing toxic things in your life and making space for more of what you want

  • Energy to play with life more


  • Deeper, more meaningful relationships

  • Renewed sense of longevity 

  • Create the impact you know you are here to make, the impact you feel called to make

  • Reconnected to the passion of what drew you to what you do in the first place, and allowing natural shifts to happen

  • TRUST in yourself and in the source of who you are


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