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Our Approach

We start with what we know for sure, you are enough.


We are born worthy and abundant and we are here to experience the richness of connection, love & acceptance, risk & growth. Our fullest expression of our abundance is in our contribution, the ways in which we generously give in service to others as part of a whole.


As leaders, entrepreneurs, creatives, educators -- it's our responsibility to create space for others to contribute in an atmosphere that supports the talents and skills of all.


That starts with YOU doing that for yourself.


Our approach is different. We don't start with the circumstances, problems and issues that are pulling you into this work and start digging or "peeling back the layers". We know we are energetic beings, so we start from there with what we know for certain and then flow upwards and outwards. 




We begin at the source and learn about our unique blueprint we hold within us and learn how this is our basic operating system. This involves understanding our core needs and where they have been over/under nourished and how that plays out in our lives.

Once you know the impact this has on you, you'll have gained clarity and momentum in ways that once you get it -- you'll never go back to old ways of thinking about your 'purpose'.



From here we learn how to work with the energy of our unique blueprint and the ways it can activate our nervous system. We develop an understanding of our nervous system's tolerance and capacity from where we are now, and how to gently expand capacity without using interruptions or force.

Our nervous system's purpose is to keep us alive and to conserve energy. Whether you know are a novice or an expert in this subject -- you will form a deeper more meaningful relationship to support this purpose. This is also a key to nourishing your core needs, which we learned about in our first step. 



Our reactions and judgments are our defense to energy coming in with force and threatening our nervous system's job of ensuring our safety and energy conservation. We exert a lot of energy making meaning of our judgments, justifying our reactions to real and perceived threats, and reflecting on past threats. Most of this we do subconsciously -- like 95% of it.

When you can identify it for what it is instead of spending that energy, you have more energy to create. There are ways our energy and behaviors give us the information in real time that is typically hidden and buried in that 95% subconscious state.

Imagine being able to have that information without digging for answers and trying to "fix" our reactions but instead allowing them to simply dissolve. What could you do with all that extra energy as a leader, in your work, or in your relationships?



Where there is energy, there is opportunity for resistance. Our resistance is created in our adaptations we made in order to meet our core needs that were over/under nourished when we were developing.

These adaptations we make get reinforced throughout our lifetime and create patterns, or symptoms.

The study of neuroplasticity teaches us that we can create new neuropathways and dissolve old patterns and symptoms. 

You may have heard these symptoms referred to as our root causes...blocks, limitations, limiting beliefs. But they are actually symptoms and going round and round with them mistaking them for root causes keeps us in our established patterns and further attaches us to our symptoms and our adaptations. What we really want is to create new neuropathways. 



Fluency is the state of alignment of all these parts. It's our ability to articulate where we began -- the richness of connection, love & belonging, risk & growth, abundance & contribution. Fluency is when we are living in our intention, aware of our core needs and owning the response-ability for nourishing those needs. The outcome is living along side our regulated nervous system with more harmony and the ability to create meaningful impact in the areas most important to us. This is living in purpose, on purpose.


Imagine owning this approach as part of who you are.

Imagine living in intention, in fluency, with the sense of abundance, belonging and acceptance.

Imagine sharing your contribution and creating impact from this aligned state.


Imagine being in private community in which everyone is learning this approach to Impact Alignment. I can't think of a better opportunity to connect and network with people deeply committed to their nervous system health, deep connection to the spirit that motivates the impact they make, aware of the effects of reactive and judgment states, actively building new neuropathways and living in a state of alignment and fluency. I love to think of the magic and possibilities that exist in these connections and the impact that can be created and multiplied. 

We are starting June 2023 from scratch! So the possibilities are endless! Come build this community together, I would love to see you in there!

The investment for this introductory offer is $4800 with a payment plan option available. 

Delivery of Course and Support

+ Impact Alignment Course 

+ Weekly live group calls with Erin* (recorded and saved as a resource)with opportunities for:

  • ​Deeper Learning

  • Group Coaching

  • Q&A

+ Private community


+ Private Podcast with audio recordings of teachings to have on the go 

+ Access to future teachings in Impact Alignment as this space evolves

+ Ongoing enrollment

+ Lifetime access

*Weekly live group calls will take place Thursdays at 7:30pm ET and subject to change with notice.

Impact Alignment



Paid In Full

Valid for one year

Impact Alignment



Every month

Payment Plan

Valid for 4 months

I invite you to join in an experience that will change the trajectory of your life, like it did mine. 


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