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Support for Rebuilding after life's major pivots.

When your experience makes it impossible to live life the same way you did before.

Career shifts, Business changes, Health crisis, Divorce, Single-parenting, Caregiving, Family changes, Big moves, Empty nesting, Loss

The layout and approach is primarily for self-leaders, creatives, survivors, leaders and innovators from where they are at - to creating and leading with awareness and ease.

This is not a replacement for therapy.

This is not a beginner's program or for anyone interested in digging up root causes (blocks, limitations, wounds, etc.) as that is still symptom level. 

The intent is to be an approachable support system with deeply committed mentorship.

It is designed to work at a pace that supports your system in its safe and regulated state.

You can approach the program at your own pace, however it is strongly suggested the format is followed over the course of at least a year with the full benefits of integration in mind. 


Ideally, you should be ready to commit to a 3 year integration process.  

Once you work through the backbone or blueprint, there is a highly recommended 80 week process of integration that follows.

That is why I made this available with lifetime access. There is nothing to keep buying into or to set an expectation of having to dig up and chase down more and more symptoms to "fix". 

(The only additional option, besides ongoing special interest workshops, would be an offer to do this level of work together in a smaller group cohort that would begin and end collectively, or in a cohort for those in an organization wanting to do this together. More on those offers here.)


+10 sequenced modules - each module is broken down into 4 weekly sections that you can work through at your own pace.

(Each module will be added to the library bi-weekly as we are ramping up.)

+Weekly 90 minute live group calls (recorded and saved as a resource) 

+Private community, off Facebook 

+Access to complete library of modules, updates and recorded calls calls 

+Complementary 1 year Membership to TRO IN THE WILD when you join the program before September 1st.


Delivery of Program

Our Approach

PART 1 - Safety First


1.Nervous System//Learn what makes us tick and why.


Then put that understanding to practice. We hit this first and nerd out for a bit to

get a good zone of safety for ourselves and everyone in our community before continuing to the juicy stuff.


I'll share extra resources I've gathered throughout my research process from some wicked smart people whose dedication to this saved my life. 

2.CORE Self//The sweet spot! Literally our driving life force. This is where we want to create from, so we want to make sure it's a source of strength and peace.


You'll examine your core values...beyond things like respect and kindness...more like how that is packaged for you and how you express your values. Some call it purpose, or meaning, or your why.


This is what we typically cover up with what we call blocks, limitations, wounds, mindsets...but we peel that back and put an end to worrying about all those man-made perspectives for now...maybe even foreva - foreva eva? 

We bundled those core needs up into 3 easier digestible pieces to conserve our energy for what we really want to spend it on. We'll understand how being wired for 1. Connection 2. Contribution 3. Love & Appreciation affects our nervous system and our reactions.

3.The CHARGE//Did someone say reactions?  


The charge is the rise and fall of energy our nervous system experiences when we react to our environment. We'll learn how to ride the wave so that the energy stays in flow, lowering the risk of injury to our nervous system.





+ Modules will be released on bi-monthly on Mondays.

+ Weekly calls will take place Wednesdays at 12:30 ET, unless notified otherwise. 

+ You will receive a Welcome Email with all additional information.

Price for Lifetime Access: $8800 in full or $375/month for 24 months

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Questions? Please reach out, I would love to help.

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