Feel like collapsing time and cutting out decades & even lifetimes of B.S. so you can get out there and LIVE and make the impact your soul is on fire over?




What. Is. UP?!

First and foremost, if you haven't heard this already then I want to make sure you know...it's not just the B.S. that gets passed along to us in the systems we interact in, it's also the magic, the determination, the grit, the love and the soul of every cell given to you and every experience lived through you that has you on fire with your desires.


And THAT is what lights you up! And THAT is what truly makes me excited you made it here! 

This is where YOUR core self (higher self/true self) & MY core self get together and play.

Life changing *ish happens here!  


This approach has has become my life's passion project because it has literally saved my life.


But, alas, I am no marketing guru...

sooo this is may be the first time you've met me, right here & now. 

Which is a bummer because have you ever met people that once you meet them you wish you knew them sooner so you could have created more with them longer?

Yup, me too.

If you're like me, you've been searching and doing, doing, doing the work and are maybe feeling like this cannot be all there is.

Like you didn't get this far to only get this far. AND then gain boatloads of information telling you that you have so much further to go on top of it all!  


Like, what? I say gimme more ease and flow but without forcing me to bypass over my 'stuff'.  Right?  



This approach is all about building your relationship with yourself and expanding that into everything you are and everything you do. That's what YOU need right now, and that's what WE need from you right now. More than ever.

We take the bottom line - the foundation under the foundation, the solid core past the roots & beyond the soil - and we wake it up and embrace it and ROCK ON with it!

There's 3 Elements:


  2. your HUMANNESS


Bing, bang, BOOM.


But how do you know for sure I am the right person to get messy with all of this at this point in your expansion? And likewise, how do I know I can help you where you are at right now?


I believe beauty lives in uncertainty. But sometimes the either/or approach to getting into things as strictly uncertain/certain could use a big dose of flexibility and be more both/and.

That's why I decided to release the first exercise in this approach. Here's why I felt it was an important thing to do:

  • You and I can get to know each other and build a foundation to build on where we can both discern if we feel safe, grounded and connected, and in belonging together instead of all over the place in the social media universe

  • You can get a really deep look into how we do things around here and feel for yourself if you want to continue going deeper

  • You can take this life changing exercise and let it be just the right size bite for now & integrate it into your life from now to infinity  

Either way, wherever this takes us, let's light this all the way up!!  

So, without further ado.....LETTT'SS GOOO!!!!  

Image by Jonathan Cooper


This first step is about your CORE.

This isn't about teaching you

how to find your purpose.

It's about teaching you

how to connect to the values

of your core self,

your true self that exists

so you can express your purpose.

There are 4 parts to this:

  1. Core values awareness 

  2. Declaring your love for your values*

  3. Get meaningfully connected and committed to them* 

  4. Discover where your true desires are...and why


Your relationship with YOU is the thing that both makes the magic (if you're a bit of woo) and  is responsible for your powerful impact (if you swing with authentic force).

This first step in the approach will be a game changer.  Whether you feel like a ship without and anchor or that you are already in love with your values and expressing them fully,

you may be surprised that there is a depth you may not be reaching and that may be the cause of your underlying disconnect from the get. And then...the search for purpose ensues. 

PURPOSE helps us heal, but it only gets us as far as our body allows, no matter how many downward facing dogs you do. (I do believe in yoga!)


This alone will help untangle some gnarly tangled knots and wake up some new levels of clarity so you can start feeling at home within yourself, like, NOW.



1. Core Values Awareness

This is an exercise in self-discovery.  

  • I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

  • I'm a second

  • third

  • fourth

2. Declaring Your LOVE

Learning how to.....

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3. Connected & Committed

Learning how to....

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Learning how to.....

  • I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

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