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It's no secret, teaching is becoming more and more challenging with each passing year. We know our classrooms are a reflection of what's going on in our communities. That means it all falls on us as a primary source. But often, we don't have the training or the necessary support for what we're seeing in our classrooms.We hold a heavy burden that most will never understand unless they are in the arena with us.

Students are facing challenges that ask us to not just be subject matter, curriculum and data experts - but also   mental health and trauma experts.

Whether you're in the classroom, transitioning out of the classroom, or anywhere in between - we face unique challenges that require some new ideas and unique solutions. Solutions that offer support to the most overlooked person in the room -

the Teacher.

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Our Approach

If you haven't already, take a look HERE to review our approach with Impact Alignment. Then come back and see how we target the unique needs of Teachers. 

The more deeply you have the ability to connect with your core self and to take good care of that connection, the more you are available for your students and the passion that drew you to the classroom in the beginning. 

Developing a working understanding of this for ourselves creates clarity with how our students function in their circumstances and why. 


We know that teaching brings the experience of compassion fatigue and even vicarious trauma. Trauma Informed Education is slowly starting to gain traction, but it has a long way to go before it hits most of our classrooms. And still, it doesn't help the teacher directly. 


This approach, while evidence based, is not heavy in trauma awareness for our students, but in nurturing our core needs and our purpose first. Most trauma informed practices focuses first on helping the person experiencing trauma responses while neglecting the opportunity for the teacher to have cycled through the process for themselves first.


We don't get heavy into trauma informed, but our approach is evidence based and built from that foundation to serve you first in ways that I haven't seen any PD offer. And even if it existed, is your district on board yet? I know for me that in one place I taught we received advice for "self-care" from a higher level administrator that when asked what that meant suggested bubble baths.


So for some of us, that's the level of support we have right now while our classrooms are spinning. And I share this because as we said, we see the reflection of what's happening in the world first, in our classrooms, and so we pave the way and it takes a while for it to gain traction and attention and get needs addressed. 

Transitioning? Or considering transitioning? I see you! This approach walks you through all the feels... 

Delivery of Course and Support

The Teacher's Edition is a targeted 3 month access with the option to stay on longer, one season at a time.

Why? What we are experiencing over the summer is a process of recovery and rebuilding, amirite? But then when fall hits, class is in session with a new group and we have different needs. Bring on winter and the energy shifts again, with testing lurking. And then spring is the beginning of the end of the year with again, new needs and new challenges. So we stay ahead of it and make our approach and our support flexible to these shifts.

+ Impact Alignment Course 

+ Bi-Weekly live group calls with Erin* (recorded and saved as a resource)with opportunities for:

  • ​Deeper Learning

  • Group Coaching

  • Q&A

+ Private community

+ Private Podcast with audio recordings of teachings to have on the go 

+ Access to future teachings in Impact Alignment as this space evolves

+ Ongoing enrollment (Jump in "Summer Sessions" anytime over the summer and have full 3 month access even when summer ends.)

+ 3 month access with options available to continue to following seasons

*Bi-Weekly live group calls will take place Saturdays at 12:00pm ET and subject to change with notice. Why Saturday? Because we end and begin our years at different times and some of us have summer school schedules, of course!


Impact Alignment for Teachers



Paid In Full

Valid for 3 months

Impact Alignment for Teachers



Every month

Payment Plan

Valid for 3 months

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