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The Radical Ones

La Pensione Hotel, Little Italy, San Diego

Welcome to The Radical Ones -

A Trauma Informed Blueprint Support Program

for Creative Entrepreneurs, Leaders & Teams

who want support and guidance with sustaining clarity & momentum while building and LIVING their legacy.

The health and well being of EVERY LITTLE THING that is important to us is about how we relate to it. As we build our legacy and life progresses, a shift in our identity happens and how we relate to things can change gradually or suddenly and all at once...and it can be an isolating process to re-stabilize.

Legacy Builders are cycle breakers and innovators, which means we naturally tend to disrupt the status quo. The Radical Ones is about us working together with purposeful and sustainable practices to get you reconnected on a new and evolved solid foundation with yourself and your mission so that you can gain or re-gain momentum and re-stabilize while you continue living out your vision and doing what you love.



Hey! I'm Erin. 


When life brought on a major health crisis, I became deeply committed to healing physically and emotionally. 


A lot of "stuff" comes up when life pivots you. 

And since I was sidelined for a while, I decided to go all in. I documented everything I experienced and learned over 7+ years of full-time research through books, classes, programs, therapy and any means of digging up info I could find.

Then, I made myself a blueprint that I could follow because the overwhelm of healing information available can keep you searching and frozen, confuse what was once clear and break down momentum. When there were some things I just couldn't break through with a therapist, a practitioner, or a coach...I knew I had to create my own path.


What I wanted was to be able to rebuild my strength, the connection to myself, my purpose and my creative business. I wanted to re-stabilize with integrity and intention so that momentum felt like ME and not like a fight, something else I had to overcome, or a hustle game. And of course, I wanted to continue creating.

I'm here with my life's experiences, my research and resources. I'll share how I implemented the healing and reconnecting process through the lens of rebuilding and thriving.


From an identity standpoint, I'm not a therapist, certified coach or a guru. I'm a teacher, entrepreneur and survivor who radically reconnected with all the parts of myself and invite you to share the experience.  

What to expect 

+ We're going to reconnect you to the way you relate to yourself and your legacy building process as life shifts along the way.

+ We're going to reconnect you to the way you relate to all facets of your wellbeing across all relationships. A leveling up of leadership and impact.


+ We're going to reconnect you to your clarity and momentum for the sake of creating AND for the sake of stabilizing so that you can feel committed and secure in your freedom to explore and create with an awakened sense of vitality and wholeness. 

How we'll make it happen

+ You'll have access to the proprietary sequenced teachings.


+ We'll meet weekly in group calls for 6 months. 

+ We'll go through the Trauma Informed Blueprint of purposeful and sustainable practices and we'll have you and your relationship with yourself AND with your vision rock solid in 6 months. 

+ In between we'll meet in a private community where we can ask questions, share experiences and create relationships with other creatives on the same journey.

+ Additional workshops focused around areas emphasized in our community during our time together.


Please note: This isn't about trying to "fix" something that's deemed "broken". This is about connecting with our core values, our operating systems, our creative work, and our leadership community.

While in this community, the focus is on working with the flow of the process and commitment to forward movement.

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